Jun 17, 2013

The Antichrist, Nimrod and the Coming Great Deception

This is just an appetizer from Rob Skiba, but he's got more.  I'll try to add the links I can rummage up below.  Good stuff.


 This is a brief video explaining more of the above topic titled "How Did The Nephilim Return Before The Flood?"

 This third clip is the identity of the Antichrist revealed, and follows with more details on the topic of the first video.  I like what he's done here because he doesn't run on modern Christian traditions but goes by Biblical history.  The results may be quite surprising...

Jun 16, 2013

Satanic Super Soldiers - Russ Dizdar w Jeff Rense

I had backed off a number of articles in recent weeks because of the effect I saw fear was having on other Christians. I don't want to be another propagator of fear on the net. However, some things are too powerful and true not to put out there. It's a longer interview, but well worth the listen. Jeff Rense has one of the largest internet followings out there, and Russ Dizdar had been involved in deliverance ministry for over thirty years. Pastor Dizdar is a tremendous spokesman for the victims of this satanic work. For those who are aware of the spiritual warfare that is occurring daily around us all, and those who want to know more, this is a must listen.