Jul 1, 2012

Project Blue Beam in the Obama Era

by Zen Gardner
This may sound like a jest, but it never is when it comes to the programmed media. It’s all serious. They’re either testing the waters, setting precedents, confusing the populace and distracting with disinfo, or planting and reinforcing ideas.
Nothing is casual with these freaks. Everything is pre-packaged or deliberately allowed.
Take this seeming nonsense for example:

Americans favor Obama to defend against space aliens: poll

(AFP) Nearly two in three Americans think President Barack Obama is better suited than Republican rival Mitt Romney to deal with an alien invasion, according to a survey released Wednesday.
National Geographic Channel contacted 1,114 adults across the United States last month for its fanciful opinion poll ahead of its new cable television documentary series “Chasing UFOs.”
Thirty-six percent of respondents said they were certain that unidentified flying objects exist. Eleven percent were confident they had spotted a UFO, and 20 percent said they knew someone who claimed to have seen one. Source

Why the UFO News Spike?

There’s a reason for the intense increase in UFO and alien invasion news, documentaries and movies. These are being brought forward in our consciousness for a reason which will perhaps soon come into play quite profoundly.
Oddly enough these types of stories have been in circulation for millennia. It was accepted and even “written in stone” in ancient cultures. What’s wrong with modern society? Is it all that hard to grasp that we’re not alone in the Universe?
Apparently that’s the case, or so we’re supposed to think.
This is typical of our information-suppressed and channeled world. Seems we can’t be trusted to know what’s really going on, or to be given the full facts so that we can decide for ourselves. And we know the why to that question:
If we knew the full scoop, one of the biggest realizations would blow everything sky high – that we are being manipulated–by the very Controllers who are withholding and molding our information.
That can’t be allowed now, can it?

The Truth Is Out of the Bag – Or is the Bag Dissolving?

The Truth is out of the bag now, mainly because their matrix bag is dissolving before our eyes. The vibrational changes and rising tide of awake and aware souls on the planet is building in a tremendous crescendo. First the information revolution via the Internet, the intense sharing of profound and life changing realizations and Truth, and now with the added factor of our passing into a new, vibrationally different Yuga is causing a massive shift in consciousness.
For some this is palpable and consciously identifiable. For others it’s subconscious, and may be causing some very disconcerting feelings and a sense of confusion as their paradigms crumble while they try to make sense and keep them intact.
Exciting times, to say the least!

And the Role of the Alien Invasion Agenda?

As NASA scientist Werhner Von Braun outlined before his death to his confidant Dr. Carol Rosin, the PTBs have used the “common enemy” strategy for decades to justify massive arms build ups not just on the planet, but ultimately off planet. Their axiom being, ‘he who controls the skies controls all.’
Same old Machiavellian psychotic motivation we don’t quite grasp or relate to.
Why create fake enemies and a fake invasion? They’re not of us. We’re looking at a different breed of entity, one that has deliberately yielded to non-human influences for the purpose of self-exaltation through control, at any cost.
So why this build up? Because they want to use this last card of a staged alien invasion to unite the world in fear under a totalitarian, religious, technological all-controlling centralized regime.
They’re attempting to ride the vibrational changes they know are here and intensifying, and mask them as part of their manipulated reality. In so doing they’re giving the human consciousness change a directed expression, just as they have done with major religions for millennia.

Planned Trauma, 9/11 and Mind Control

A perfect example of this type of mass mind control and directing of the human psyche is 9/11. With this deliberately perpetrated huge trauma they immediately kept the terror vibration alive and well by mixing in survival and patriotic responses, while giving the desired narrative within minutes of the attacks.
It was the bogey man Bin Laden and his pack of vicious freedom haters! And they’re everywhere! Which we now know is bullshit.
And you saw the results. Over a decade of never to be ended wars were initiated. Totalitarian measures waiting to be made into law flew into place, as departments and agencies sprung up everywhere. Now the western world’s police have become heavily armed militia with search and seizure powers and even incarceration and assassination with no recourse of any kind.
And how fitting that an unknown non-American who was swept into power using the same techniques should possibly preside over such a grand deception as Project Blue Beam!

How Blue Beam is Supposed to Work

I found this great video with one version of the idea behind the plan. Take what you will from it as long as it’s up, as many blue beam videos have been erased already: