Jul 2, 2012

Is Ron Paul Actually Winning the Delegate Count?

I don't usually cover politics, as the evidence points to both parties being thoroughly corrupt.  However, this falls under the media lies and manipulation of public opinion category, and is one of the most amazing "in your face" cover-up of modern times.  What should be a front page political story is non-existent.  So, from the DailyBell.com, here you go...

CNN Asks Ron Paul To Drop Out & Endorse Romney Despite His Chances To Win 5/9/12 ... Ron Paul on CNN "Newsroom." They continue to attack and ask Ron Paul to drop out. Ron Paul still has a good chance to win and continues to get asked to endorse Mitt Romney and just give up. – matlarson10
Dominant Social Theme: Ron Paul is done?
Free-Market Analysis: Citizen reporting continues to make the point that GOP libertarian Congressman Ron Paul has remained in the US presidential race not just to "make a point" but because he actually may have the possibility of winning the damn thing.
This video we have presented below makes this point categorically, showing us how power elite media facilities like CNN are simply lying about Ron Paul's delegate counts.
Turns out in these examples that mainstream GOP candidate Mitt Romney has far fewer delegates than CNN claims. The narrator of the video shows us this clearly and points out that not only is Ron Paul adding to his delegate total but that if the momentum continues he may actually have a chance – perhaps a slim one – at winning the nomination.
Here's the video:
(Video from matlarson10's YouTube user channel.)