Jul 5, 2012

Is Jesus Christ Reaching Out to Muslims Through Their Dreams?

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  • Is Jesus Christ Appearing to Muslims in Their Dreams? | Charisma NewsIs Jesus Christ reaching out to Muslims through their dreams and encouraging them to embrace his teachings? This is exactly the phenomenon that some former Islamic adherents claim they have personally experienced. Numerous stories about Muslims, among others, who see the Christian savior in their dreams and convert as a result are streaming out of the Middle East.
    While skeptics would certainly scoff at such a notion — and Muslims, themselves, may become incensed at proclamations affirming this dynamic, those who have experienced it swear by its authenticity.

    Take, for instance, Ali, a man whose journey is documented in a recent Charisma News article. A few years ago, he was slated to go on the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca known as Hajj. But, he claims something transformational happened along the way — something so pivotal that it stripped away the very faith he was attempting to affirm.
    “Of course when I went to Mecca I was going there in order to pay homage to the Kabba and to fulfill the requirements in Islam,” Ali explained. ”That night I saw Jesus in a dream.”

    Ali claims that Christ first touched his forehead with his finger and then said, “You belong to me.” After that, he touched above his heart and said, “You have been saved, follow me. You belong to me.”

    After the dream, Ali pledged not to finish his pilgrimage and to follow Jesus’ voice. Thus, he inevitably became a Christian.

    This, of course, could easily be dismissed by critics as a mere dream and nothing more. Perhaps Ali was experiencing questions about his faith and the journey to Mecca he embarked on. Often times, dreams are manifestations of thoughts, fears and emotions. But Ali and others reject this explanation, as they believe that Jesus truly reached out and called them.

    A documentary called “More Than Dreams” highlights Ali’s complete story. An official description of his life reads (read a longer version of his story here):
    This Turkish man in bondage to alcohol saw Jesus in a dream and his life was changed forever. Desperate, he moved to Saudi Arabia — a place where alcohol is forbidden. However, upon his arrival, he found liquor there. He then made the pilgrimage to Mecca, hoping to be freed of his addiction and to be led in the way of a true Muslim. To his surprise, he met Jesus Christ instead.
    Watch Ali story about Jesus’ apparition, below:

    As noted, Ali‘s experience isn’t the only one that has gained widespread attention. Khalil, a radical Egyptian terrorist, made a transition and accepted Christ after Jesus purportedly visited him in a dream as well. There are a number of other examples, too, from the “More Than Dreams” DVD.
    Here‘s Khalil’s story:

    Tom Doyle, author of the upcoming book “Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World,” and a staffer with e3 Ministries, says he’s seen this phenomenon before.
    “We’re seeing that all around. We’re hearing about people that have never even thought about Jesus as savior,” Doyle told Charisma News. “They‘re content Muslims and they’re having dreams over and over.”
    Doyle believes that “our God is a fair God” and that many Muslims are seeking and that they don’t know where to go. So, rather than a more overt conversion, he claims that Jesus is coming to them in their sleep. Charisma has more:
    Doyle said the dream or vision is usually the start, not the end, of a Muslim’s conversion.
    “Nobody goes to sleep a Muslim and wakes up a Christian, but it knocks down the false barriers that are inherent in Islam,” Doyle explained.
    The Doyles said beneath the current revolution in the Middle East, there’s a spiritual earthquake.
    “As things heat up politically and spiritually within Islam, man, the Holy Spirit is moving even more powerfully,” Joanna [his wife] said.
    “This is the time when hearts are open, people are desperate, governments are changing,” her husband added. “Everybody’s foundation has massive cracks in it and Jesus is the answer that can come in and fill that need.”
    Through dreams — and satellite television — more Muslims than ever are learning about the Christian savior. And, according to veteran missionaries, more than ever are also converting.
    (H/T: Charisma News)