Jul 5, 2012

How Would You Like to Wear Your Joy?

by John Piper

 Isaiah prophesies:

  The ransomed of the Lord shall return and come to Zion with singing; everlasting joy shall be upon their heads; they shall obtain gladness and joy, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.
“Everlasting joy shall be upon their heads.”
Upon their heads as a crown — because joy is the mark by which we share the rule of God.
  Upon their heads as a wreath — to signify the reward of victory over every sorrow in this life.
  Upon their heads as a helmet — because the joyful mind is unassailable with Satan’s dark thoughts.
  Upon their heads as oil — because of God’s anointing, his consecration, his approval.
  Upon their heads as a hood — to protect from the searing heat and the soaking rain.
  Upon their heads as an insignia — to show whose they are. They belong to the God of all joy.
 You will not have to choose. The everlasting joy of the redeemed is complete. It satisfies every longing, every holy desire. This joy was in the fellowship of the Godhead before the creation of the world. And in the end, it will rest upon us, and make us able to enjoy him with his own joy. And then joy will have its immeasurable effects forever.