Sep 1, 2014

U.S. Alliance with Qatar - Providing Direct Aid to Terrorists

I "de-sensationalized" the original title, but the truth is all the same.  The U.S. support of nations like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain in the Middle East continues to feed the terrorist machine and produce groups like ISIS.  For what reason?  Good question...

U.S. Alliance with Qatar is INSANE and of ANTICHRIST

Imagine if you will a scenario taking place in the mid-1930′s in which the U.S. considers Nazi Germany an ally. The Nazis are investing in the U.S. and elected politicians in the U.S. are facilitating the activity with the help of lobbyists. As the Nazis are slaughtering Jews, U.S. politicians are looking the other way and consider the Nazis an ally despite the latter’s genocide and crimes against humanity. In some cases, politicians themselves are engaged in the business deals. Imagine if Germany was an oil-rich state that the U.S. relied upon as domestic oil production was being regulated away.
In one example, a former U.S. presidential candidate sold his media company to the Nazis for hundreds of millions of dollars.
Any objections to what the Nazis were doing are met with calls for pragmatism; breaking such an alliance would be political suicide and bad for the U.S. Besides, the Nazis and the Russians are increasingly becoming enemies. That reality can assuredly provide the U.S. with leverage against the Russians, right?
If that scenario were posed to all of the 535 members of the U.S. Congress today and each was asked to endorse or condemn the behavior of such a hypothetical pre-World War II United States, how would each respond? Even with the vacancy of conscience among the majority of politicians, the condemnation would likely be close to unanimous.
It wouldn’t matter the consequences; the U.S. should have broken ties with the Nazis.
Fast forward to 2014; the same scenario is unfolding relative to the U.S. alliance with Qatar. The government of Qatar is the chief financier of Hamas, a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO); Qatar also supports ISIS, which is beheading any Christian, Jew, or non-ISIS Muslim it can get its hands on.
Just two months ago, Qatar hosted another annual, lavish U.S.-Islamic World Forum (US-IWF). American politicians, elitists, and media figures galore were in attendance. The former U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson gave the keynote speech.
Despite this, equivocation about how to deal with Qatar is in high supply. Politicians are apathetic, ignorant, or willing to press ahead with the alliance by citing things like pragmatism. Ironically, it’s a German who is sounding alarm bells.
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel (L) and Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel (L) and Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad
Paul Alster at Fox News writes:
If the Middle East were one big room, Qatar would be the elephant, according to a growing number of regional experts who believe the oil rich emirate is propping up violent jihadists around the globe even as it poses as a U.S. ally and would-be broker of peace.
Israel has long complained of Qatar’s alleged duplicity, accusing it of meddling, bankrolling Hamas in Gaza, exporting radical Islamic terrorism through its tight links to the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Nusra. And a German official recently suggested that Qatar may also play a role in funding Islamic State, the savage extremist group behind the beheading of U.S. journalist James Foley.
“You have to ask who is arming, who is financing ISIS troops? The key word there is Qatar – and how do we deal with these people and states politically?” German Development Minister Gerd Muller said last week.
Let’s be clear. When politicians are faced with having to take a politically untenable position or look stupid, they run to stupid like Forrest Gump runs for the end zone:

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