Sep 5, 2014

Space War Comes

This actually came out in 2010, but it's a good primer for those who aren't familiar with the topics of advanced technology and the explosion of space programs taking place today.  Many don't even know that we have a space launch facility off the coast of Virginia (nicknamed MARS - the god of war) or that the public is grossly unaware of technological advances, especially thanks to the news vacuum that has occurred over the last three years. Interesting stuff....

We recently saw the Norway spiral up in Tromsö and aurora light phenomena just a few weeks later. What part did Scandinavia's HAARP facility EISCAT (the European Incoherent Scatter facility) play in all of this? There has also been strange pattern showing up on radar over Australia. Large spherical objects have been seen near the Sun by NASA satellites. We talk about the Cloud of Care, CERN, the LHC, the New Age Messiah Maitreya and much more with Freeman. Do NOT miss these two very exciting hours with Freeman.