Aug 18, 2014

Jay’s Top Ten Conspiracy Films

Always fascinating analysis of the truths and messages hidden in films by Jay...

By: Jay

Some of these will be obvious, but as the readership grows there may be insights in certain lesser known films that deal with conspiracy in general.  My list will exclude all things alien, since the alien agenda is largely a bunch of bunk, as Jay’s Analysis has said all along.  In selecting my favorites, I’ve tried to balance quality with subject matter, as some films may have a great concept with poor execution.  If you missed any of these or if they’re long forgotten films you halfway watched with that date 15 years ago, I recommend giving them a look.

Tinfoil hat fun.
Tinfoil hat fun.
10.Conspiracy Theory. 1997.  Director Richard Donner has Mel Gibson as the tinfoil hat nutball seeking to uncover the truth about his own past.  Ultimately the film details the actual MKULTRA program, with Captain Picard as the handler.

Let me take a little off the top....
Let me take a little off the top….
9. V for Vendetta. 2005. A Wachowski brothers work, V initiates Eve into the realities of the establishment’s corruption.  An adaptation of Moore’s popular graphic novel.

Commie brainwashing!
Commie brainwashing!
8. The Manchurian Candidate. 1962. The 1962 film version of Richard Condon’s earlier novel directed by John Frankenheimer.  An early revelation of the actual methods and techniques of mind control, including programmed assassins and trigger words.

I spy spy eyes,
I spy spy eyes,
7. Three Days of the Condor. 1975. Directed by Sidney Pollack.  What happens when a CIA analyst has his own department annihilated and his life threatened by high level corruption and intrigue? Shit goes down, that’s what.

John Ritter couldn’t tame this toddler.
6. Rosemary’s Baby. 1968. Roman Polanski offers a chilling story of a Satanic cult that seeks to bring about the birth of the Antichrist through Mia Farrow. No, the child is not Woody Allan’s.

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