Aug 21, 2014

Ferguson protests infiltrated by PAID rioters - Clayton, MO + West County next?

This wouldn't be the first time.  Anytime Eric Holder gets involved in an issue like this, racially motivated protests rise to unheard of levels.  He certainly inflamed the Trayvon Martin issues in Florida.  So far, the prediction here is correct.  The protests, sadly, are growing.  It seems we protest everything except the people who create the problems to begin with...


LISTEN UP. Get the word out.

I've heard this from several people now here in STL...
Rumor in St. Louis, these 'protests' are staged to cause riots... they're going to branch out across St. Louis over the next few days.
Full military lockdown by next week or sooner.
Agent provocateurs dressed like regular people, causing major violence to bring in full military lockdown

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