Aug 11, 2012

Youth suicide cluster in Delaware investigated by CDC after 11 suicides and 116 attempts in first part of this year alone

By Daily Mail Reporter

The Centers for Disease control is investigating why 11 young people in Delaware committed suicide in the first four months of this year and another 116 tried to kill themselves.

A preliminary study of the deaths released today found that many of those who killed themselves had multiple risk factors, but that there was no clear link between them.

The report followed a community outcry after three teenagers at Polytech High School killed themselves within two months of each other.
Tragedy: The Centers for Disease Control are investigating why 11 Delaware youths took their lives this year. Wrestler Nick Capetola died within two months of three of his classmates

 Sam Comegys-
 Tegan Penney
Gone: Same Comegys, left, and Tegan Deanna Penney, right, also killed themselves this year
'I would love to know why,' Carol Comegys, who lost her grandson Sam, said to DelawareOnline.

'That’s our biggest thing. It’s what is keeping me from getting over it – just the question. It’s haunting. He was the apple of my eye.'

The CDC report does not identify the hometowns or schools of the dead, but it has been widely reported that earlier this year, Polytech wrestler Nick Capetola and Polytech senior Tegan Deanna Penney took their own lives as well.

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