Aug 8, 2012

Tom Horn on the Lost Symbol and American Destiny in Occult Prophecies

This is an excellent presentation on the power of words and symbols, as well as the importance of symbols that we see all around us.  They are not accidents, they are intentional, they are there for a purpose.  A powerful purpose.  This answers questions like, "Does each president go through a ritual at inauguration asking for the spirit of Osiris/Apollyon/Apollo to enter into them?"
The focus here is on America, it's symbols, and what they say about our past and future.  This is well worth the time.  This is a rough presentation from his excellent book, Apollyon Rising 2012.  Also lots of good scripture study in this.  Around the 21 minute mark he begins to catalogue some of the occult prophecies concerning the coming of the antiChrist in the period of 2012-13.