Jul 14, 2012

Meet the Ruling Faces of Evil - Part 1

Got to give zengardner credit here for the time put in on this article.  If you aren't great with history you may not recognize some of these faces, but I encourage you to look them up.  This is a plan that has been in the making for centuries, and these are the men chosen to run the show.  Remember the prophecy of Psalm 2 of a world that openly rejects and wars against God.  "The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against His anointed (Messiah)..." (Ps. 2:2)  It is likely we see this in our days.

By Zengardner (http://www.zengardner.com/meet-the-ruling-faces-of-evil/)

by Zen Gardner
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With the human face it’s even more revealing, especially the eyes.
Politicians and many other public figures, if you’ve ever seen a professional one up close, have almost a waxen stiffness and sheen to their phony, memorized expressions, as well as eyes that emanate something wrong. Most public and power characters need to be caught off guard to reveal their true nature, but it’s not necessary. Usually it’s in plain sight.
To the intuitive, it’s always clear.
The eyes are the ‘windows of their souls’, while their expressions can also intermittently give away their true nature. But certainly, “actions speak louder than words.”
Here’s a quick selection of some current and past leaders, power brokers and influential people of questionable intent and deeds. My comments only serve to single out my impressions and not tell you what to think. This is my casual speculation, for your consideration and to provoke re-evaluation.
Look for the light in many of their eyes–it’s not there.
You might see something else though, something very troubling. Much of this is the opposition to humanity, conscious or unconsciously.

Here we go…hold on…

Gotta start from the extremely absurd strutting as the “vicar of Christ” of all things….strap in….

Kept him “head of the class”. Those are just plain disturbing. In fact, it’s surreal…


I KNEW I’d seen that face before!

Wanna couple more?


These guys are heavy-hitters. See any love? Don’t screw with the Vatican..more control and power than you can shake a sceptre at. Pope Paul and Pope Benecioasaurus…..or whoever… Need I name names? ;) Research their lives…

Catholics don’t have a monopoly on Pedophelia either…anonymous Mullah making his pick. Ah, the religious schtick…


Rothschild Zionist World Bank head Robert Zoellick..with adoring co-globalist Bill Gates in the background

Speaking of shady stuff…right out of a B movie–but the Chaney has had tremendous power and influence for decades, responsible for the deaths of millions while trying to fulfill the Machiavellian Masonic neocon mission.

Nazi Ark raider Major Toht comes in a light second to Cheney…. ["hat" tip - Gus]

A mission that clearly inspires him. “oooooooo happy day….”


Talk about slimy. This sickening sell-out is a Zionist police-state plant to the max.

Playing the untouchable mild mannered ‘nice Jewish man’, Mr. Patriot Act/Surveillance/Censorship is on an unholy crusade for the House of Rothschild to annihilate any last vestiges of liberty, freedom and sovereignty.

Check his record…although his distorted, lying face speaks volumes…


Shifty Joe by day…

Shape-shifty Joe by night


Barney Frank dresses up for a photo shoot…long story told short.


Sing along…”Where has all the money gone, long time passing…”

Rothschild executor Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sucks Chief Manipulator and Thief In Charge..and we just watch.

That just begged to be pubbed…..

Speaking of Banksters…


How to ruin a country and make it pay. Global takeover stooges Bernanke, Paulson, Bush and Greenspan. Yes, they work for higher ups and they are screwing us.


Speaks for itself. Corruption comes with the territory…but doesn’t seem to make them happy, does it?


Reaping what he sowed in bad PR and karma. You want power? Comes with a price….insanity. (Source)

  • “And if that light that is in you be darkness, how great is that darkness.” Wow. Hillary is something else.