Jul 8, 2012

HAARP Continues To Murder Sea Life

by Zen Gardner

Serious mammal, fish and bird die-offs are occurring around the world without demanded explanations. The scientific establishment plays dumb while massive animal deaths plague the planet for “no apparent reason” when many of them know full well their insane technology is scarring the planet and its inhabitants.
Here’s the latest.
The similarities are undeniable. First, this just recently happened.

Over 1200 Dead Pelicans in Northern Peru, Same Region as Mass Dolphin Die-Off

[Photo-Image: April 28, 2012, Mass die-off of pelicans in northern Peru, Photo source: Peru 21]
After a mysterious massive die-off of over 3,000 dolphins along the northern coast of Peru this year more than 1200 pelicans have been found dead in the past ten days in the same region. The deaths of the pelicans and dolphins, unexplained.
In the photo posted below one of the dead dolphins looks as if its skin was ‘scorched’. (Source)

Scorched Animals

Now watch the video below of similarly scorched dolphins in the Persian gulf last year, with the accompanying incriminating HAARP funnel that is filmed hitting and then weirdly illuminating the surrounding water.
Soon afterwards, this same horrific “scorched” phenomenon is found on slain dolphins washing up on the shore.
This insanity has to be stopped.
(Turn the sound down a bit, can be a little distracting..)

There is a lot of great independent research on the connections of mass animal die offs to HAARP and other phenomena. It’s just so horrifically wrong yet we hear nothing – nothing about this ongoing tragedy from mainstream anything except denial or nonsense intelligence-dissing conjecture.

These Things are All Over

And these are just some of the known facilities and this particular type of array. Don’t think for a minute these idiots haven’t gone completely bonkers with these types of toys. They use ELF blasts to control crowds now. It’s insane.
Maybe the Peru site is screwing around?

Jicamarca (above image), Peru is home to one of the many worldwide locations of H.A.A.R.P. (Source)
Oh, and there is other stuff…


The Advanced Modular Incoherent Scatter Radar (AMISR) is a fairly recent development, and employed in the global scientific space takeover program for the purposes of “owning the weather.”
I would like to draw your attention to information regarding the global atmospheric takeover within the scientific community, in particular that from the SRI (Stanford Science Foundation) within the NSF (National Science Foundation).
- This advancement is allowing the ‘HAARP’ program to continue under a new name, on a global scale. Source

So don’t you worry your little head. You can be sure they can control these electronic monstrosities just fine and no one’s in danger. NOR will they ever use it to exert power or for intimidation or financial gain. Rest assured. Responsible technology is their motto. Or not...