Apr 13, 2015

ON THE PATH OF THE IMMORTALS–PART 7: Secret Canyon’s Underground Base. Home Of The Fiery Flying Seraph?


There have been rumors about an underground base near Sedona for decades. The locals have many interesting stories. For example, Hoss told me about a winged tubular spaceship seen flying over Sedona by many witnesses. He described it as larger than conventional aircraft, moving absolutely silently at high velocity. He said that eventually so many people reported it, that the government finally admitted that it was a NASA spaceship designed to replace the Space Shuttle. Of course this begs the question of where it was flying from and where it landed. Our stout guide confirmed his belief in an underground base and pointed out how primordial volcanic lava tubes already provide convenient underground access to the canyons. After hearing about the tunnels, rumors of an underground base in Secret Canyon were beginning to seem more probable.

While the existence of a base is nearly uncontroversial with locals, conspiracy lore entails rival alien bases in addition to the defense department facility. One witness who happened upon the base by accident was “accosted at gunpoint by a soldier wearing United Nations insignia.”[1] We might have captured evidence of other top secret aircraft without even realizing it at the time.

Shelley Putnam captured this triangle UFO as it flew by in the distance. The pine tree offers perspective and the sharp triangle shape appears like a three dimensional object in the distance would, if it were heading toward Secret Canyon. Arizona is famous for the Phoenix Lights case involving an enormous triangle that flew over that major city. Like that craft, this one also flew silently. In fact, we didn’t notice it in the image until we returned home to analyze the photos. The tree gives some scale and implies a large three dimensional object some distance away.
Taken over Secret Canyon

Daniel Wright, the graphic artist who does our book covers, did some Photoshop analysis below:
Image enhanced by Daniel Wright
Image enhanced by Daniel Wright

Wright says about the image above: “I did a force enlargement and then attempted a simple recreation of what I saw in the photograph on 3 layers (top) main points of light small (left) bars of connected light (right) soft general glows. I figured by enlarging and sort of ‘mapping’ the main patterns of light I could help identify [what the shape is].”[2] We also sent the photo to Stan Deyo.
Image enhanced by Stan Deyo
Image enhanced by Stan Deyo

Deyo offered, “I performed a number of analyses of this photo. As you can see there are two possibly three dark spots along the near edge of the craft. The far edge lights are all illuminated while the near edge is partially illuminated. If the illumination is a function of propulsion then perhaps the craft was turning so one side was more illuminated than the other. The dark circular spots may indicate that the bright lights are generated between two poles… possibly.”[3]

We are not suggesting this is an extraterrestrial craft but rather the more humble claim that it remains unidentified and is appropriately dubbed a UFO. Admittedly, most black triangle UFO Sightings reported to MUFON are closed and marked “identified.” When so ruled, they are almost always terrestrial aircraft of some sort. Either way, our triangle craft may support the presence of a secret underground base in the fortuitously christened Secret Canyon. Our triangle might even be something exotic like the classified TR-3B antigravity spacecraft.[4] Most likely there are more than a few skunk works craft being tested over the desert. One can watch a triangle being escorted by planes on YouTube at the footnote here:[5] While talk of underground bases often suggests an aluminum foil milliner marketing ploy, fantastic stories are nothing new to Sedona.

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