Aug 5, 2014

ISIS Takes Control Of Mosul Dam Could Flood Baghdad!!

I'm seeing more and more evidence that this is a possible/probable fulfillment of Zechariah 5 and the prophecy concerning the woman (goddess/ISIS) released on the Plain of Shinar, right where the mysterious ISIS group popped up.  At the very least it's a world-wide foreshadowing event, letting the planet know that the woman of wickedness (Mystery Babylon) is on the loose, continuing her drinking binge on the "blood of the saints".  (Revelation 17:6)  And of course the U.S. government is in complete support of these movements on the part of ISIS...who knows, perhaps ISIS is representative of the goddess that the United States leaders worship?


ISIS could flood Baghdad and destroy 280 miles of farm land as they take control of the Mosul Dam also also