Aug 14, 2014

Antichrist, Freemasons, and the Third Temple


What is the purpose of the Antichrist sitting in the temple declaring himself to be a god? Is it possible that Satan has been working toward that end through secret societies of the world where the highest ranking leaders knowingly serve Lucifer (Satan), are opposed to God, are proficient at deception, are focused on the temple and its rebuilding and plan on ruling over the entire earth? Douglas connects the dots in this Power Point teaching presentation revealing a startling connection between the secret societies and the coming Antichrist.

When the characteristics of the Antichrist are compared to the ideals held by the Masons the similarities are more than coincidence.
Bible (Antichrist)
Serves Lucifer/Satan
Opposed to God
Proficient at deception (secrets)
Focused on temple
Must rebuild temple (to be able to sit in it)
Will rule over the entire earth
Satanic Hybrid

Secret Soc. Practices
Serves Lucifer/Satan
"Adonai (God) is bad"
Deception and symbols keep secrets from initiates
Focused on temple
Awaiting right man with vision to rebuild
Will establish New World Order
Will Have Super-Powers