Sep 21, 2012

PLA Admiral: China Should Prepare For Conflict With U.S. Over Disputed Islands

Zhang Zhaozhong accuses U.S. of using drills with Japan as practice for invasion

Paul Joseph Watson
A People’s Liberation Army Admiral has fanned the flames of tensions surrounding the island dispute between China and Japan by suggesting that China would comfortably defeat Japan in a war and that Beijing should prepare for the United States to become involved in the conflict.
A report in People’s Daily - a propaganda organ for the ruling Central Committee of the Communist Party of China – quotes Zhang Zhaozhong, rear admiral at China’s National Defense University.
Zhaozhong accuses the United States and Japan of using a joint drill currently taking place on Tinian Island involving U.S. Marines and Japanese troops to prepare for a potential invasion of the disputed islands, adding that the U.S. is taking part in the exercises as a deterrent to put pressure on China.
The article quotes Zhaozhong as highlighting that, “China has a stronger fighting capability than Japan in a war for the Diaoyu Islands, because China’s coastal areas are close to the islands and the radar and missiles there can cover all the islands.”
However, the Admiral makes it clear that if the United States were to become embroiled in the conflict, the balance would change greatly and that China should be making preparations for that very outcome.
“The intervention of the U.S. military will change the military strength contrast between China and Japan, so China should prepare for it,” said Zhaozhong.