Sep 5, 2012

Democrats Begin Celebration of Abortion at Obama Convention

In the last 4 years, roughly 1.3 million babies have been killed by Planned Parenthood, with money from taxpayers. 

by Steven Ertelt

Democrats are beginning what many pro-life advocates and political observers are calling a Celebration of Abortion this week as they convene to nominate pro-abortion President Barack Obama to attempt to secure another four-year term.

Organizers of the Democratic convention in Charlotte, North Carolina has released lists of the speakers for the event and no pro-life advocates are included. The list is long on speakers who have spent their entire political careers advocating for abortion.
Missing among the roster of notables speaking at the convention? Anyone who shares the pro-life view a majority of Americans hold on abortion.

In 2008, the Democratic National Committee allowed Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion business which Obama has funded despite its coverup of child rape, to speak from the stage. Nancy Keenan, the head of NARAL, and one of the pro-abortion activists to endorse Obama early in the 2008 election, spoke as well. Both will be back this time around and Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown student who has been a surrogate for Obama promoting the pro-abortion HHS mandate, will speak, too. Keenan said she is “thrilled to be chosen as a speaker at the Democratic National Convention.”

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