Aug 21, 2012

FRC Shooter Wanted To Make A Statement By Killing General Boykin And Leaving A Chick-Fil-A Bag

The Family Research Center which has openly supported traditional marriage, was targeted by Floyd Corkins on August 15th.  The quick actions of a security guard saved a slaughter, but what I believe was lost in this is two things.  The first, mentioned here, is that this group was targeted for their Christian stance.  The second is that General Boykin, one of the most decorated and respected Generals in the history of America, (who recently predicted that martial law is near) was likely the headline TARGET of Mr. Corkins.  Which means someone else was helping/directing Mr. Corkins, as it's unlikely the shooter would have just stumbled in at the time General Boykin was visiting.   Eye-opening stuff.

By Tim Brown at

by Tim Brown
Floyd Corkins II had a plan to commit mass murder inside the Family Research Council building this week. According to Lt. General Jerry Boykin, Corkins was planning to go on a mass shooting spree and littering the bodies of people he shot with Chick-Fil-A bags. General Boykin was inside the building and an eyewitness to what took place.

In an interview with Glenn Beck, Lt. Gen. Boykin said,
It was about 10:46 on Wednesday morning. He walked in the lobby, set a backpack down in front of the guard desk and then reached in his backpack. Fortunately this guard who was actually the building manager but kind of dual roles as a guard, realized something was up and got out of his chair and approached the man and just as the man pulled a pistol, pointed it at his head, this gentle giant of a guard reached up and grabbed the gun and he shot him — the gunman shot our man Leo Johnson in the wrist but with one arm, Leo wrestled this man to the ground and took his gun away from him and what a hero this guy was. He saved a lot of people and there’s no question, Glenn, this guy’s intent based on the fact that he had about 50 rounds of ammunition and 15 Chick-fil-A bags was this was going to be a mass murder on our — a large scale.

When asked if he spoke to the gunman, Boykin responded, “I listened as the gunman lay on the floor talking to police and he said, I don’t like the policies here and, you know, he — in fact, he stated that to the guard, as well. So, yeah, it was — there was no question what his motive was.”

“He tied us to Chick-fil-A and I think the scenario is — it doesn’t take much imagination, Glenn,” he said. “He was going to go through and kill as many people as he could and drop Chick-fil-A bags at every dead body to send a signal that he was reacting to the — our stance on traditional marriage, that being between a man and a woman.”
The entire interview is riveting. What makes the event even more startling is that the left is eerily quiet about the matter. They are unwilling to say it is a political statement by a militant LGBT supporter. They are unwilling to come out and condemn the Southern Poverty Law Center for their declaration that the FRC is a hate group and to even mark their building on their website as such.

Had this happened at a Planned Parenthood or a NAACP building we would get non-stop coverage from the media and the left would be fighting with one another to get their liberal faces on television in order to

I’m glad someone like Gen. Boykin was there to tell the story and I’m thankful that God that He had Leo Johnson there to protect the people inside. God bless you Sir, you are a real hero!