Jul 20, 2012

RNC confirms Ron Paul will be up for nomination

Probably the last valid opportunity for Christians to vote for an honest man in 2012.  Let your voices be heard in Tampa!

By: Mason Buran
Ron Paul delivers a speech at a Ron Paul rally.

The Republican National Convention is quickly approaching (August 26th). For over the past year, avid Ron Paul supporters have won delegate spots in various state conventions across the country. Through this hard-work, Ron Paul will officially be allowed to be nominated for the nominee of the Republican Party.

For the past three days, Ben Swann (Fox19 Cincinnati) has been in contact with a Republican Rules Committee member. In order for a candidate to be elected for the Republican Party nomination, the candidate must have a plurality in five or more states. If by rule, binding and non-binding policies are applied to delegates, it would still not affect the process of voting for placement of a candidate's name into the potential nominee ballot. Presidential hopeful Ron Paul does have a plurality in five or more states (Nevada, Maine, Minnesota, Louisiana, and Iowa). This means that Ron Paul will be eligible for nomination on August 26th in Tampa Bay.

The Ron Paul Revolution is planning on amassing 100,000+ supporters to Tampa in order to celebrate Paul's 30+ year career in American politics. However, the Republican National Committee senses pressure from the Paul supporters. The RNC has attempted to block access in order to make the convention as exclusive as possible.
Ben Swann conducted an interview with members of the RNC Rules Committee and they did answer the questions with the previous information. However, due to the RNC being a private organization they are not subject to following by their "rules" or "statements." Whether the RNC abides by their statements, we will find out this August.

The Ron Paul Revolution carries on to Tampa Bay with assurance that Ron Paul has the potential to be nominated. Whether or not Paul does win the nomination, we are all in for something special this August.