Jul 31, 2012

Mexican Official Exposes CIA For Managing Drug Trade Through Mexico

This isn't really new either, but the more coverage we can give this, the better the chance that someone will finally stop the carte blanche power the CIA has.

 Eric Blair
Activist Post

For the last three decades several leaks have come out indicating that the CIA is directly involved in illegal drug trafficking.

From planes registered to the CIA caught with tons of cocaine, whistleblowers exposing the the phony police war on drugs or that cartels worked directly with US agencies, to the CIA/Pentagon protecting the poppy crop in Afghanistan whose opium trade exploded after the 2001 invasion; the evidence is mounting that the CIA is clearly involved in some manner.

Although the idea that the CIA is involved in illegal drug trafficking is still relegated to conspiracy theory, this week a Mexican official openly accused the CIA of "managing" the drug trade.

According to Al Jazeera:

The US Central Intelligence Agency and other international security forces 'don't fight drug traffickers', a spokesman for the Chihuahua state government in northern Mexico has told Al Jazeera, instead 'they try to manage the drug trade'.

Allegations about official complicity in the drug business are nothing new when they come from activists, professors, campaigners or even former officials. However, an official spokesman for the authorities in one of Mexico's most violent states - one which directly borders Texas - going on the record with such accusations is unique.

'It's like pest control companies, they only control,' Guillermo Terrazas Villanueva, the Chihuahua spokesman, told Al Jazeera last month at his office in Juarez. 'If you finish off the pests, you are out of a job. If they finish the drug business, they finish their jobs.'
These statements are the first of this type from an elected official in Mexico. Of course, the Mexican government and other local officials said Villanueva's claim is ridiculous and repeatedly used the term "conspiracy theory" to shut everyone up about it.