Mar 2, 2012

Why Are Oil Prices Rising? Because The Oil Companies Want Them To

Let me make this simple.  The major oil companies are computing their per quarter profits in the billions.  BP, despite nearly destroying the Gulf of Mexico, destroying thousands of jobs and leading to the death of an unknown number of people turned massive profits last year.  The oil prices are rising because the oil executives want them to, and no one can or will do anything to stop them.

As for the "crisis theory" which is being pushed by mainstream media, it's a complete farce.  We are already being told that fighting in the Middle East, especially with Iran, will cause prices to hit $5 a gallon or more.  We currently get 0% of our oil from Iran.  That is a zero.  We do get around 17% from Saudi Arabia, but their oil shipments to the U.S. would be unaffected by shipments coming through the Strait of Hormuz.  Europe and China would be affected by such a war, but not the U.S.

So here is what we can expect.  Prices will jump this year, maybe to the dreaded $5 a gallon price or higher.  The media will say it's some crisis that caused the jump.  A hurricane hitting a processing center or a war in the middle east.  And we will pay the price, unless you can ride a bike and are ready to start using it.  One more reason to pray for the return of Messiah.  Our world needs it's only true ruler.  Now more than ever.