Feb 22, 2012

US Prepares For Iranian Quaddzilla Attack On Statue Of Liberty (Probably)

Been warned enough yet?  Terrorist attacks are coming, thanks to prophets like the below mentioned former CIA director.  And what do you think will happen to this country when they happen?  I believe we will see a security roll-out that would make Joseph Stalin blush in his grave.  People get ready....

By Chris Geo
Is it possible Ahmadinejad may be gearing up to attack the Statue Of Liberty? Well according to former CIA director, R. James Woolsey:
 “We will have a very serious problem from terrorism if we insist on Iran shutting down its nuclear program, but we have to do that. And so we have to get ready to deal with assaults on government facilities, on famous symbols of the country like the Statue of Liberty, on Jewish synagogues, there are a number of things Hezbollah could go after … and they probably will,”
Reports are currently coming in, confirming that Iranian President Ahmadinejad “probably will” use his nuclear program to create a Godzilla like creature to attack the Statue of Liberty, US Citizens and the sweet old lady down the road.
This also explains the strange sounds people have reported hearing all over the world.
Quaddzilla, who the CIA has “probably” codenamed: Osama Bin Zilla, “probably will” attack this spring. US unmanned spy planes have confirmed Quaddzilla is “probably” terrorizing people on subway trains in Iran, “probably” confirming the rumors that the Iranian government is indeed slaughtering it’s own people.
The video is too disturbing for American media but “probably” contains images of people screaming bug eyed as he looked in on them. Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton will be petitioning congress to fight the new threat.
“Al-Qaedazilla probably will attack on US soil with a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound and right now is “probably” plotting to take out our electronic infrastructure by  pulling “spitting high tension wires” down. Furthermore, if we allow Iran to be successful in this attack against the Statue Of Liberty, Quaddzilla will “probably” pick up a bus and throw it back down as he wades through the buildings towards the center of town. It’s very simple.” Hilary Clinton told ABC News. When asked if congress will support these actions, Clinton replied “Probably 100% of lawmakers say ‘he’s got to go” some even probably adding “go go Godzilla.”
President Obama had this to say:
“We probably must take seriously, this new threat upon our nation, upon our freedoms and upon it’s citizens, seriously. I believe it’s clear that history shows again and again how nature points up the folly of man. Therefore, Godzilla has got to go. We are sending out a message to the leaders of Iran. Go go Godzilla”
When asked how credible this threat is, President Obama replied “It’s highly probable”.